We are a nonprofit organization called NYS Court Employees Against Mandates, Inc. and we are Court Workers For Choice. Similar to organizations such as Teachers For Choice and Bravest for Choice, we believe that all individuals should have autonomy over their personal medical choices based upon their own health, religious practices, and personal beliefs. When it comes to medical decisions, we believe everyone has the right to make informed choices for themselves. We believe that no person should be faced with forced medical mandates in order to keep their job.

Unlike our “For Choice” counterparts, we were workers OF the courts, trying to fight our battle IN the courts… the same [state] courts that we worked in… with judges who were paid by the same employer and had to face the same issues that we did. Unlike other cases before them, they found themselves having to render decisions for or against their own employer. As one can imagine, this was far from ideal. We did not get very far and we have taken to the halls of justice in Federal Court.

Our organization was formed for the purposes of assisting court workers who have suffered from a loss of income due to termination or forced early retirement as a result of not being able to comply with vaccine mandates; suffered from the trauma of receiving and/or undergoing forced experimental drugs (vaccines) and medical procedures (tests); those denied religious or medical exemptions with no recourse or appeals allowed; and those directly and negatively impacted by their former or current employer’s policies, that employer being the New York State Unified Court System.

It bears mentioning that we are union employees. Through its administrative arm, the Office of Court Administration (“OCA”), our employer unilaterally created and implemented policies which were not a part of our collective bargaining agreement. Our unions tried to negotiate with OCA, but were unsuccessful in receiving cooperation after numerous attempts. The unions took the matter to PERB (Public Employment Relations Board), and it was still a pending matter when the employer enforced their unilaterally created policies, a.k.a. “the mandates,” which resulted in coerced compliance and the loss of employment of many people.

Prior to the onset of these mandates, we have individually and collectively worked hard in our public service roles to do our part in bringing justice to those who need and deserve it. We are not just public servants, though, we are citizens. We are family members. We are neighbors and friends. We are People… and we deserve justice like all other People.

Every individual’s story and circumstances are unique, but one thing is the same for all of us. We suffered greatly at the hands of our once trusted employer. Our fight (back) is indubitably an uphill battle, one that requires ample resources… time, talent, energy, money. etc., but one that must be fought nonetheless. And we fight it not only for ourselves, those of us that took the direct hit, but for those that will come behind us if these type of of policies and the manner in which they came to be are not stopped and their executors held accountable. 

We graciously accept donations from those who support our cause. Our board members and volunteers do not take any compensation for their roles or efforts and all have and continue to work tirelessly in a volunteer capacity with the common goal of “righting” these wrongs. All donations go 100% towards the following:

  • Legal fees, specifically to help with representation for those court employees and former court employees who cannot afford it due to loss or reduction in income;
  • Financial assistance to former court employees who have lost their jobs or had a reduction of income;
  • Operational expenses.

We are extremely grateful for your support and shared belief that all People should have a (reasonable and fair) choice, and not a Hobson’s Choice.


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