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Don’t worry… they’re easy! Supporters may subscribe for updates, however, if you are a Court Worker For Choice (a court worker in our group) and you haven’t already done so, please take a minute to register as a member of this site. Members are able to create profiles and communicate with each other similarly to […]

Big Win for New York!

Health freedom groups are celebrating the withdrawal of New York’s proposed minor consent law, Senate Bill S8352. The bill would have allowed children of any age to receive vaccines, drugs, dental and surgical procedures — even be hospitalized — without parental consent. Sen. Rachel May, the bill’s sponsor, moved to withdraw or “strike” it on May 10, which […]

Vaccination Offers ‘No Meaningful Protection’ Against Long COVID Study

Reported by the Epoch Times 09-23-2023- Vaccination Offers ‘No Meaningful Protection’ vs. Long COVID study The unvaccinated were found to have a slightly lower risk. Findings in a new study challenge the mainstream narrative that COVID-19 vaccinations prevent long COVID. The study found that while previous infections reduce the risk of long COVID by 86 […]

Dailymail: ESPN offers Sage Steele $501,000 to settle her free speech lawsuit – but the host WON’T accept with her attorney claiming the network ‘cannot purchase their employee’s constitutional rights’Dailymail::

In another lawsuit regarding people’s constitutional freedoms, there is a recurring trend between those who stood up against the vaccine mandate that we will no longer be timid. “‘Disney and ESPN clearly admit their liability by offering to pay Sage Steele more than half a million dollars for taking away her right to free speech. […] NJ drops COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers

“On Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order lifting the COVID-19 vaccination requirements for health care workers in New Jersey, effective immediately.” …. “Alfieri-Collins says rescinding the policy is merely the first step hospital systems and the state need to take. After all, these nurses kept going to work, facing a potentially lethal virus long before […]

Judge Under Fire for Questioning if NYPD Cops Can Be Christian Because of That ‘Do Not Kill Thing’

New York Post By Rich Calder June 3, 2023 12:20pm  Updated A state appellate judge is under fire for trying to make a case that cops can’t be faithful Christians — because the job could include killing people. During a hearing Tuesday in Manhattan before the state Supreme Court’s First Judicial Department, lawyer Jimmy Wagner contended the city should’ve […]

Mike Tyson Admits Jamie Foxx Had a Massive Stroke Following Vaccination

May 23, 2023 Sean Adl-Tabatabai Anti-vaxxers have been left vindicated after boxing legend Mike Tyson revealed the real reason Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized since April. In an interview with Value Entertainment founder Patrick Bet-David, Tyson admitted that Foxx suffered a massive stroke following his COVID vaccination. He is currently at a rehab facility in Chicago that […]

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Issues Excoriating Review of COVID Lockdown Policies Including Business Closures and accine Mandates and calls Them ‘Among the Greatest Intrusions on Civil Liberties in the History of the Nation’

By LEWIS PENNOCK FOR DAILYMAIL.COM  PUBLISHED: 14:57 EDT, 20 May 2023 | UPDATED: 18:12 EDT, 20 May 2023 A Supreme Court justice has labeled the avalanche of covid lockdown measures imposed across America as among ‘the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country’. Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered an excoriating review of the restrictions enforced at both a state and […]

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