House Rules

Don’t worry… they’re easy! Supporters may subscribe for updates, however, if you are a Court Worker For Choice (a court worker in our group) and you haven’t already done so, please take a minute to register as a member of this site.

Members are able to create profiles and communicate with each other similarly to how you would use a social media site. This site is hosted on a private server and your information will not be used inappropriately, spammed, or sold to any third parties.

We ask that all members be respectful of one another as a term of use. We need everyone and don’t want to have to remove anyone for any reason. We have group members who are both vaccinated and not vaccinated, employed and not employed. The common goal is to fight the mandates that we were facing up until recently, and the aftermath of same.

It seems that the very ‘organization’ that wants us everyone to be treated equally and fairly (and rightfully so) did not want to treat us in the same manner, and perhaps not even have us treat each other in the same manner. It seems like separation and division was underhandedly being thwarted and those of us here refused to stand for that. We stand together. We believe in the individual right to choose for ourselves and we respect one another’s choices, whether we agree with them or not.

So please remember that others here will likely have different views when you’re expressing your own. Let’s try to keep an open forum and open minds.

Thank you.


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