Big Win for New York!

Health freedom groups are celebrating the withdrawal of New York’s proposed minor consent law, Senate Bill S8352. The bill would have allowed children of any age to receive vaccines, drugs, dental and surgical procedures — even be hospitalized — without parental consent. Sen. Rachel May, the bill’s sponsor, moved to withdraw or “strike” it on May 10, which […] NY Bill A276A is a bill to allow shots for kids without your consent. Health Committee Meeting May 9th

New York Assembly Health Committee Chair Amy Paulin is attempting to move forward her bill A276a that provides significant protection to pedophiles and eliminates parents’ right to know what drugs and vaccines their children receive. This bill has been in Albany for years, but last Friday it was put on the agenda for the Assembly […]

COVID-19 Emergency No More!

Senate votes to end COVID-19 emergency, White House says Biden won’t veto bill The Senate voted on Wednesday to immediately end the COVID-19 national emergency — and the White House has indicated that President Biden will finally sign the bill into law, months after declaring the pandemic was “over.” The resolution passed the upper chamber […]

The Defender: Courts Follow Culture — and the Culture Is ShiftingThe Defender:

“Courts follow culture, and the good news is that culture is shifting, and the truth is coming out. The crumbling COVID-19 narrative and the trendline favor us, not the tyrants.” Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president and chief legal counsel, delivered the remarks below on March 25, 2023, at the COVID Litigation Conference in Atlanta. […]

Former Chief Judge DiFiore’s Multi-Million Dollar Security Detail

According to an article in Law360, a top New York state court official (acting Chief Administrative Judge Tamiko Amaker) told lawmakers that former Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s unprecedented multimillion-dollar security escort was warranted because of a series of grave threats against her. Their investigation revealed that key details were omitted from the testimony, raising doubts […]

House Rules

Don’t worry… they’re easy! Supporters may subscribe for updates, however, if you are a Court Worker For Choice (a court worker in our group) and you haven’t already done so, please take a minute to register as a member of this site. Members are able to create profiles and communicate with each other similarly to […]

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