The Defender: Courts Follow Culture — and the Culture Is ShiftingThe Defender:

“Courts follow culture, and the good news is that culture is shifting, and the truth is coming out. The crumbling COVID-19 narrative and the trendline favor us, not the tyrants.”

Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president and chief legal counsel, delivered the remarks below on March 25, 2023, at the COVID Litigation Conference in Atlanta.

Courts follow culture

This period has taught me many lessons about the law as an instrument in such troubled times — and many of the lessons I’ve learned have come from the lawyers here today.

A foremost lesson is that courts follow culture.

First, judges, too, have been subjected to the Milgram Experiment, like the rest of us, and they are, by vocation, rule followers and rule enforcers. Most seem to have fallen in line with government orthodoxy more out of conviction than political calculus.

Second, I have learned that judges who are reluctant to hear challenging cases hide behind the doctrine of standing. In several CHD cases, judges simply dismissed them for “lack of standing” — even when the grounds for such dismissal were very weak.

The good news is that culture is shifting, and the truth is coming out. The crumbling COVID narrative and the trendline favor us, not the tyrants.

For example:

  • The hysteria has passed — here we are, congregating in person. No masks, no tests, no vaccine passports.
  • People are assembling, traveling, returning to work and school, and institutions are dropping mandates for tests, masks and injections.
  • And truth is on the loose — and defending itself. It’s now common knowledge:
  • That the shots were completely ineffective and unsafe — they didn’t stop infection or transmission, and they killed and injured thousands if not more.
  • That natural immunity is indeed at least as effective if not more so than vaccine-induced immunity.
  • That government with corporate proxies created a censorship-industrial complex.
  • That government policies resulted in a drop in the average U.S. life expectancy of three years — and more in certain subgroups, including Native Americans, who lost an astounding nearly seven years of life expectancy.
  • That we are suffering from “sudden unexplained death” at staggering levels, and that there have been dramatic excess death rates around the world that cannot be accounted for except by COVID injections.

The bottom line is that the tide has shifted, and that this is our moment to advance justice and to put in place safeguards so that future lockdowns, coerced medical experiments, discrimination, censorship and mass atrocities become impossible.

Legal victories point to hope

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