Mike Tyson Admits Jamie Foxx Had a Massive Stroke Following Vaccination

May 23, 2023 Sean Adl-Tabatabai https://thepeoplesvoice.tv/

Mike Tyson admits Jamie Foxx suffered massive stroke following Covid jab

Anti-vaxxers have been left vindicated after boxing legend Mike Tyson revealed the real reason Jamie Foxx has been hospitalized since April.

In an interview with Value Entertainment founder Patrick Bet-David, Tyson admitted that Foxx suffered a massive stroke following his COVID vaccination. He is currently at a rehab facility in Chicago that specializes in stroke recovery.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Mike Tyson recently confirmed these speculations and in a podcast interview with Patrick Bet-David, Tyson stated Foxx “isn’t feeling well.”

The former heavyweight champion of the world continued “They said he (Foxx) had a stroke.”


Per The Sun:

Actor Jamie Foxx is rumoured to have suffered a stroke — throwing Cameron Diaz’s troubled movie comeback into even more chaos.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson revealed the shock news about the 55-year-old, who sources previously said had been battling a serious health condition.

Tyson, 56, who has been planning a biopic starring Foxx, said: “He’s not feeling well. They said a stroke. I have no idea what happened to him.”

Before his injury, Foxx was set to play Tyson in a new biopic.

Foxx is notorious for his impressions and one of his best impressions is of Tyson.


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