LAW360: Judge Says Bid To Toss His Vax Dispute Is ‘Fatally Flawed’

“Judge Frank Mora of Poughkeepsie City Court argued in a court filing that the New York State Unified Court System’s motion to dismiss his religious freedom suit presented a “one-sided and now discredited view” of the COVID vaccinations he resisted and should be tossed. The court system’s motions to dismiss, which argued that Judge Mora’s claims were moot because he can now resume work, that there was good reason to deny his religious exemption and that his suit didn’t present any valid legal claims, should be denied and discovery proceedings allowed to take place, he said.”

“”Defendants have not conceded that plaintiff has a sincerely held religious belief nor provided him with accommodation for vaccination on that ground,” Judge Mora wrote. “There is every reason to believe that in a similar ‘public health emergency,’ defendant UCS will deny plaintiff the religious accommodation he sought and deserved …””

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