Official Report: Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients

Nearly all COVID-19 patients who died in hospital during the early phase of the pandemic were killed as a direct result of being put on a ventilator, a disturbing new report has concluded. Reported by Sean Adl-Tabatabai A new analysis suggests that most patients who were forced to be hooked up to a ventilator […]

NYPOST: House COVID panel demands Cuomo testify on nursing-home scandal

“US House members probing the COVID pandemic fired off a letter Friday to disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanding he testify about why he sent coronavirus patients to nursing homes during the height of outbreak.” … ““Your testimony is important to uncover the circumstances and policies which led to the death of more than 15,000 New York nursing home […]

NCLA: NCLA Clients Vindicated as Biden Ends Covid Vaccine Mandates that Federal Courts Already Enjoined

” Washington, DC (May 11, 2023) – Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is officially ending the disgraceful Covid-19 vaccine mandates it never should have implemented for federal employees and federal contractors. These unlawful mandates, which were ordered without a vote of Congress, compelled millions of Americans to take an experimental vaccine without their consent—and, for those with naturally acquired […] NY Bill A276A is a bill to allow shots for kids without your consent. Health Committee Meeting May 9th

New York Assembly Health Committee Chair Amy Paulin is attempting to move forward her bill A276a that provides significant protection to pedophiles and eliminates parents’ right to know what drugs and vaccines their children receive. This bill has been in Albany for years, but last Friday it was put on the agenda for the Assembly […]

HHS Announces Intent to Amend the Declaration Under the PREP Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19

“Over the past three years, the PREP Act declaration has provided liability protection to manufacturers, distributors, and other organizations conducting countermeasure programs and providers administering COVID-19 countermeasures. This coverage includes liability protection for those entities engaged in manufacturing, distribution, or administration of COVID-19 countermeasures (such as tests, treatments, and vaccines) purchased by the Federal government […]

Emergency Executive Order 371

Download Emergency Executive Order 371 March 31, 2023 WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted New York City and its economy, and is addressed effectively only by joint action of the City, State, and Federal governments; and WHEREAS, the state of emergency to address the threat and impacts of COVID-19 in the City of New […]

The Defender: Courts Follow Culture — and the Culture Is ShiftingThe Defender:

“Courts follow culture, and the good news is that culture is shifting, and the truth is coming out. The crumbling COVID-19 narrative and the trendline favor us, not the tyrants.” Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense president and chief legal counsel, delivered the remarks below on March 25, 2023, at the COVID Litigation Conference in Atlanta. […]

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