What happens on September 27th

If I am not vaccinated? Can I actually be terminated?

That is the $64,000 Question

We have not been provided with any official explanation, but according to union officials, there is a process.
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Can I lose my pension

If I am terminated?

According to NYSLRS

"No, not unless you commit murder or a new law is passed."

What about my health insurance?

Can I maintain it? Do I need COBRA?

Another Excellent Question

It depends, but it is unclear under these circumstances. Find out if you're eligible.
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What happens next?

When will those who "lost employment" have their employment restored?

To Be Continued

The matter remains "pending" as OCA is appealing this decision. However, letters have been sent inviting "lost" employees to apply for reinstatement.
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What happens when my employment is restored

If I already retired to avoid being terminated?

According to NYSLRS

Normally, you have up to 1 year after retirement to return, then you must stay 2 years to have your new time added, and you have to pay back any pension monies received. At this time, NYSLRS reps have stated that they are unaware of PERB's decision, or how it will work in this case. They also have not heard from the employer.

Do I have to "apply" to get my job back?

I received an application for reinstatement when OCA discontinued the mandate and/or with their letter dated April 20, 2023

Another Excellent Question

At this time, yes. Again, since the PERB matter is under appeal, at this time submitting the application for reinstatement appears to be the only way to be considered for a return to work.
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SCOTUS Rules 9-0 for Religious Accommodations

A surprise 9-0 ruling for the Supreme Court in favor of religious freedom, the duty of employers to make religious accommodations and augments the previous understanding of the vague definition of “de minimis” as it relates to “undue hardship”.

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